Jason Earls

Jason’s career in comedy began several years ago as writer for Derrick Miller (the 1st grade class clown). It wasn’t until he hit middle school that he started performing his own material (adolescence can be a good thing).

JasonEarls1Jason Earls is a comedian using the gift of encouragement and talent of making people laugh from many different walks of life. It’s his overwhelming passion to give individuals a comedy experience where they don’t have to compromise their spiritual and moral values, and to use comedy as an outlet for individuals to be impacted by life changing insight & wisdom.

Because of his highly energetic, animated, and insightful comedic style, it is said that Jason is “an innovative breath of fresh air…” In addition to comedy, Jason is passionate about presenting the gospel in a relevant and exciting way. He speaks to youth, parents, and young adults all around the world. It blows his mind to see God blessing so many internationally his comedy and speaking. He says the goal is not merely to make people laugh.

Clean Comedian, Christian Comedian, or whatever you want to call him, the goal is to bring hope to all of the world, using comedy to paint a picture of what life affected by the gospel looks like. He calls this Serious Comedy.