Christian Comedian Marty Simpson Changing the Game for Churches Who Cannot Afford Comics

Marty Simpson will do a free show!
There are no catches or gotchas. Read how you can host a free show.

Are you tired of trying to plan a great event for your church only to find out that your chosen entertainer wants 3, 4, or sometimes even 10 thousand dollars to perform? If so, please read this entire post to find out how you can host a great event at ZERO cost to you or your organization.

Former All-American Football Player (If you count being a place-kicker.), and current nationally touring and hilarious stand-up comic, Marty Simpson, is changing the way churches book comedians. Marty has appeared on ESPN, BET, NickMom, TBN,, and been the featured comedian for Lifeway’s Main Event alongside Dr. Tony Evans!

Marty’s system has proven successful enough that he is willing to take all the risk. All he asks is that you follow his VERY SIMPLE plan.

If you call this number 888-377-1112 we will explain exactly how it all works for your church. We have executed successful free shows for churches with 120 people worshipping and for churches with over 2,000 people worshipping.

Contact us today to find out how to host a show that won’t cost your church one penny.

Marty Simpson is changing the way churches book entertainment! We promise! Simply call us at

888-377-1112 to hear all about it!

Click to see a video clip of Marty
Marty is an amazing story-teller

Marty tells jokes about real life. He weaves his every day life into truly profound stories that all interact with each other in a way that will leave you wanting more.

Check out the above full clip to see an example of what we are talking about. Watch how the first one minute of the above clip comes back in to play by the end of the story! It’s fantastic comedy that will be a perfect fit for a family-friendly free show at your church.

The Chapel Raises Over 2,000 Dollars for local charity using Marty’s System

The Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana had never done an event like the one Marty and his team proposed. They tried it because it was zero risk to their church financially.

They not only had an amazing event, but they were able to raise over 2,000 from the profits of the show to donate to a local ministry they support.

Call us now to find out how we can do the same thing for your church.