Funny Customized Personal Video for The Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Marty Simpson makes personalized videos for every ticketed event he does at churches. We found this one and thought it was funny. It is for an event at The Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana in January of 2015. If you would like to have a ticketed event at your church we are sure Marty would make these type videos for your show also. Check it out! Looks like a fun event.

Marty Simpson’s NEW DVD is Finally Here!

Marty Simpson’s new DVD has garnered some national attention already by being featured on Christian Televisions shows on the Lasea Broadcasting Network, TBN, and others. Look for an upcoming feature article about Marty and his new project in Lifeway Christian Bookstore’s sentinel magazine, “Home Life.” Check out a sample of Marty’s new DVD, “Clean If It Kills Me” below and buy your copy at his website.

Marty Simpson’s Clean If It Kills Me

Marty Simpson’s Videos

Marty Simpson is one of our top Christian Comedians. He has a number of videos on YouTube, and we have chosen to feature a few of those for your viewing pleasure. So if you are interested in taking a look at one of our top Christian Comedians, be sure to check out Marty Simpson’s videos.’s Favorite Video From Marty