Marty Simpson will not skate the hokey-pokey with his daughter and here is why…

Marty Simpson will not skate the hokey-pokey with his daughter at her 11th birthday, and here is why. Enjoy this video from one of our favorite comedians working in churches today.

What’s Your Love Language? Sarcasm? Marty Simpson’s Is…

Christian Comedian Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson recently performed a sold-out show for WPER in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Here is highlight from that show. If you need strong, comedy-club quality attitude, with an inspirational Christian Themed show, then Marty Simpson is a perfect fit for your event!

David Pendleton is the perfect comic for your next church celebration event!

Ever since he was six years old, David Pendleton has had a passion for ventriloquism and performing. Today, he’s a seasoned professional, an in-demand comedian, and expert ventriloquist whose unique brand of humor has won audiences over throughout the world.

David’s flawless technique as a ventriloquist sets him apart from just about any other ventriloquist you have ever seen. He will not only amaze you with his ability to make you believe that anything can talk, but his comedy act will also keep you laughing from start to finish.

Have Your Pastor or “Special Church Leader” Given this Treatment!

Move this video forward to 1:45 and see a show-stopping number in David’s shows that would be a perfect way to roast your pastor, or special church leader in a such a way that is memorable, good-natured, and sidesplittingly hilarious!

About his shows

David brings to his show a cast of comedic characters including lovable but blunt Aunt Tilly, a 94 year-old spinster; the classic quick-witted trouble maker, Mack Elroy; the dopey yet adorable hound dog, Buford; and the slightly misguided albino vulture, Vern. Of course no show would be complete without a few surprise appearances from members of the audience as well!

David’s high-quality, family-friendly humor has mesmerized audiences the world over. Whether it’s a convention or conference, a corporate event or a cruise, David Pendleton makes it a night to remember!

Call 888-377-1112 today to book David Pendleton for your next event!

Marty Simpson’s NEW DVD is Finally Here!

Marty Simpson’s new DVD has garnered some national attention already by being featured on Christian Televisions shows on the Lasea Broadcasting Network, TBN, and others. Look for an upcoming feature article about Marty and his new project in Lifeway Christian Bookstore’s sentinel magazine, “Home Life.” Check out a sample of Marty’s new DVD, “Clean If It Kills Me” below and buy your copy at his website.

Marty Simpson’s Clean If It Kills Me

Daren Streblow has Live Interview with Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson was interviewed on the Daren Streblow Comedy Show about his soon to be released DVD, “Clean If It Kills Me.” Currently Daren Streblow is the only radio personality with the rights to play back Marty’s clips.


Below is a sample of Marty’s upcoming project. If you want to skip to about the 25 minute mark to hear the interview that’s where it happens.

Daren Streblow Comedy Show features some of the Top Christian Comedians

Daren Streblow is a Christian Comedian who also has a popular radio show. Since he is constantly featuring some of the best comics in the Christian Comedy world we will start posting links to his show on this site.

Here is the first installment:


Subscribe to his show at his website at:


Pretentious Christian Comedian Demands The Kitchen Sink on His Rider

Marty Simpson's Rider
Everyone has heard stories of famous rock bands demanding certain incredibly specific things on their riders like “only green M & M’s” or “Chex Mix with no bagel chips.” We had always chalked it up to the stuff of legend. Well now, Christian Comedian Marty Simpson has taken this concept to a new extreme.

Included in his demands are hotel rooms for his two golden doodles, pH balanced water in the hotel room toilets in case the doodles drink from the aforementioned toilets, reimbursements for expenses during travel including toll roads, amusement park fees, snow cones, bail money, and back massages, as well as a host of other idiosyncratic demands. Not the least of which is,

In lieu of a sound system, Marty prefers to connect his microphone to a splitter that will go to two large jam (and/or boom) boxes. These boxes should be on the left and right of the stage. They should be held over their head by two 17 year old boys, both of whom should be wearing beige trench coats.
– Excerpt from Page 2 of Marty Simpson’s Rider –

The nerve of some artists is astounding. But evidently some people don’t agree. Here is a recent quote from one of the clients who booked Marty for a show.

I just read Marty’s rider. Not only was it refreshing, it made me blow milk out of my nose. I totally didn’t see it coming.
– Lance G. Flood, M.A. – Executive Director – Tennessee Valley Pastoral Counseling

Take a look at Marty Simpson’s rider here and see if you agree.