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Funny Customized Personal Video for The Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Marty Simpson makes personalized videos for every ticketed event he does at churches. We found this one and thought it was funny. It is for an event at The Chapel in Fort Wayne, Indiana in January of 2015. If you would like to have a ticketed event at your church we are sure Marty would make these type videos for your show also. Check it out! Looks like a fun event.

Marty Simpson’s NEW DVD is Finally Here!

Marty Simpson’s new DVD has garnered some national attention already by being featured on Christian Televisions shows on the Lasea Broadcasting Network, TBN, and others. Look for an upcoming feature article about Marty and his new project in Lifeway Christian Bookstore’s sentinel magazine, “Home Life.” Check out a sample of Marty’s new DVD, “Clean If It Kills Me” below and buy your copy at his website.

Marty Simpson’s Clean If It Kills Me

Pretentious Christian Comedian Demands The Kitchen Sink on His Rider

Marty Simpson's Rider
Everyone has heard stories of famous rock bands demanding certain incredibly specific things on their riders like “only green M & M’s” or “Chex Mix with no bagel chips.” We had always chalked it up to the stuff of legend. Well now, Christian Comedian Marty Simpson has taken this concept to a new extreme.

Included in his demands are hotel rooms for his two golden doodles, pH balanced water in the hotel room toilets in case the doodles drink from the aforementioned toilets, reimbursements for expenses during travel including toll roads, amusement park fees, snow cones, bail money, and back massages, as well as a host of other idiosyncratic demands. Not the least of which is,

In lieu of a sound system, Marty prefers to connect his microphone to a splitter that will go to two large jam (and/or boom) boxes. These boxes should be on the left and right of the stage. They should be held over their head by two 17 year old boys, both of whom should be wearing beige trench coats.
- Excerpt from Page 2 of Marty Simpson’s Rider -

The nerve of some artists is astounding. But evidently some people don’t agree. Here is a recent quote from one of the clients who booked Marty for a show.

I just read Marty’s rider. Not only was it refreshing, it made me blow milk out of my nose. I totally didn’t see it coming.
- Lance G. Flood, M.A. – Executive Director – Tennessee Valley Pastoral Counseling

Take a look at Marty Simpson’s rider here and see if you agree.


Marty Simpson Performs with Tim Hawkins

In March and April of 2013, Marty Simpson got the chance to perform with Tim Hawkins. One of those times, Tim kept Marty on stage after Marty’s “middle set” and performed the “Tweet Song” along side Marty. The “Tweet Song” is when Tim plays the guitar and two (or more) comics recite some of their funnier tweets back and forth. Marty doesn’t play any musical instrument, so he decided to surprise Tim with a little something he is good at doing. Tim was not aware Marty was going to juggle.

The video below is another show where Marty performed with Tim in Birmingham, Alabama. During the introduction it is obvious the Alabama faithful are “aware” of Marty’s South Carolina background. The below video shows Marty’s set, as opposed to a “Tweet Song.”

Marty Simpson Performs with Andrew Young and Dennis Miller

In the past 12 months, Christian Comedian, Marty Simpson, has proven himself to be one of the most versatile comedians working today. He has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from two polar opposite camps of people. Dennis Miller on the conservative right, and Andrew Young on the, not as conservative, left.

Marty Simpson shown here after the show with Dennis Miller.
Marty Simpson shown here after the show with Dennis Miller.

In September of 2012, former SNL star, Dennis Miller and his people, hand picked Marty from a group of comics to open for Mr. Miller at the Durham Performing Arts Center in front of 2,600 people. That event went extremely well and Mr. Miller was pleased.

Then, in May of 2013, Marty was selected to be the comedian representative at a national leadership forum hosted in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (See that event here.) Marty shared the stage with Civil Rights hero, Andrew Young. Mr. Young is the former mayor of Atlanta, former Ambassador to the United Nations, and close personal friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mr. Young was pleased and impressed with Marty’s comedy. He commented afterwards how well Marty used racial topics, and used them appropriately, to communicate humor. Mr. Young was also moved by Marty’s ability to seamlessly move from comedy to a leadership message which Mr. Young thought all parents of young athletes need to hear.

Marty Simpson and Andrew Young
Marty Simpson shown here with Andrew Young. Marty performed a one hour comedy show which contained many leadership applications at the Leadership Summit in Myrtle Beach, SC. Andrew Young followed Marty’s performance with his keynote talk.
There aren’t many Christian Comedians working today who would be the right person to open for Dennis Miller, who is a regular political commentator on Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” and simultaneously be the right person to open for a keynote address delivered by long-time Civil Rights hero, and former Democratic Mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young.

But Marty was that person. Check out Marty’s comedy below or at his website at

If you think Marty’s comedy and leadership message would be a good fit for your event, you can contact Will Montgomery, at Gresham Hill Management, at 615.258.4141 ext. 306 or by E-mail at


Marty Simpson

Christian Comedian Marty Simpson


Marty has a different outlook than most people

Christian Comedian Marty Simpson’s Bio

How many folks, do you suppose, took their school’s football team all the way to the state championship in the fall, and then produced and directed Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest to sell-out crowds in the spring?

We know of at least one.
Marty simultaneously served as the Head Football Coach and Lead Drama Director at a high school in South Carolina for eight years. Prior to that he was the first South Carolinian ever to be named a USA Today All-American Football Player,**1 and he went on to be a stand-out for the South Carolina Gamecocks.**2

Marty Simpson holding microphone

Finally, a non-lip syncing, non-animated, non-murdering, Simpson

Marty knows, THE CODE©, which he claims is the secret to “getting along” with black people.**3 It was this fact that caught the attention of B.E.T. (Evidently, BET knew THE CODE too!) In March of 2009, Marty was the only caucasian comic featured on the B.E.T. show, A Time to Laugh. While filming the show he was the only comic to dance with the host, Grammy Award Winning Star, Vickie Winans. After seeing Marty’s set, Vickie felt compelled to dance with Simpson. Some in attendance may have interpreted what she was doing as “teaching,”

but those of us closer to the situation know better. In addition to appearing as a stand-up comic, Marty also appeared in several sketches.

Marty’s act is filled with antics and adventures from his real life. Nothing is off limits. His wife, his kids, his dogs, his style of worship, his former college football playing days with the Gamecocks, and his awkward relationships with his African-American friends, all get discussed on stage.

Marty has performed in clubs across America from Atlanta’s Uptown Comedy Corner, all the way to Los Angeles’ famed Comedy Store. Marty’s performance venues include clubs, churches, elderly facilities, children’s birthday parties, talent shows, fund-raisers, and he has hosted rock concert events. No event is too large or too small for Marty’s style of comedy.

Marty’s clean, fun, up-lifting ability to recreate scenes is mixed with just the right amount of bitterness and self deprecation to be an overall hilarious experience for audiences of all ages, races, genders, and species.

Marty's Funny Face

Some say that Marty just has a funny face. What do you think?


**1. 1990 U.S.A. Today All-American – Marty was not a real football player, he was just the kicker. But he was voted the best in the country in 1990 after setting the South Carolina state record with a 61 yard field goal and kicking the walk off winning field goal to win the Class AAAA Division 1 State Championship by a score of 3 to 0.

See video of Marty’s playing days.

**2. A Gamecock is a rooster that is known for its tenacity…seriously.

**3. To white people reading this bio, it is acceptable to use the term black people if while you are using the phrase you are not simultaneously speaking out of the mouth of a racist person.

(See here for information about Marty’s football playing days.)

See Videos

See Videos of
Marty Simpson

What Others Said about Marty Simpson

We recently hired Marty to entertain a few hundred kids for us at our church camp, Salkahatchie. His stuff was hilarious!! These kids were laughing nonstop for an hour and a half. His goofy style of clean comedy is refreshing and our camp kids said it was the best entertainment we’ve ever had for them!!

John Covert
Owner Covert Homes
Director of 2010 (Bythewood, SC) Salkahatchie

Read the comments for other things said about Marty’s performances.

Jonnie W.


Who Is Jonnie?

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” -Victor Borge

Few things have the power to connect us like laughter. It can heal, teach, point out injustice and hypocrisy, and break down barriers between us. With nothing more than a guitar and his razor-sharp wit, Jonnie W. has delighted audiences nationwide. More than just another comedy show, he blends music and traditional standup for a multimedia comedy experience not to be missed.

-Featured in WORLD Magazine’s Article “Church Clean, Club Funny”
-Winner of the 2010 Clean Comedy Challenge
-Featured in Upcoming Independent Lens Documentary on Clean Comedy

Why Choose Jonnie?
Every now and again, Jonnie likes to pay his mortgage and even eat a meal or two. “How can I help?” you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Hire Jonnie for your next event, and you won’t just be feeding your mind, you’ll be feeding Jonnie.

Visit Jonnie W.’s website here.