C.J. Harlow

Armed with a high-voltage razor sharp wit, C.J. Harlow is disarmingly funny. Very few people have lived through so many unique experiences. Moving from a quiet small town to the middle of the hood, serving in the Marines, bicycling across America, starting his own fraternity, has resulted in some original comedy.

C.J. can be heard daily on Laugh USA & Blue Collar Comedy on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio.

Working at dozens of jobs, from garbage man to teaching English in Korea, C.J. has heard the same thing, “Hey you’re pretty funny but you need to get back to work”.

Many predicted big things from C.J. after being voted Mr. 6th grade, twice.

C.J has performed for audiences all across the Country, USO Tours, Comedy clubs, Colleges, Churches and Corporate functions and hardly anyone has complained.